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Articles about Horses and Driving



TREC - a basic guide for TREC events

Sleighing Safety -  a guide to sleighing safety, especially for the first time  

Creature Comforts  -  November 2008, from The Morgan Horse magazine, how both horse & driver comfort affect performance.

Bitting the Harness Horse -  Originally published in the Horseman's Yankee Pedlar

The Continuous Driving Event - An easy to run, flexible, 1 day carriage driving event, how it works, general rule suggestions

The Morgan Horse: Pride and Product of the Horse Drawn Era  - Originally published in the Horseman's Yankee Pedlar 

Driving Wrecks - How to manage a driving wreck

Driving Comfort - The benefit of being comfortable while driving

Use of the Parked Stance  - An Illustration from 1893 of an appropriate use of the "Parked" stance

3 Wheeled Gig - Hand made by Eliphalet Nott, Founder of Union College

>>>>Effective Communication with the Driving Horse

ADS Rulebook Glossary preview


Morgan Horses


Morgan Horses and Carriage Driving - Originally published in the Horseman's Yankee Pedlar

The Half Morgan Registry - Open letter to the Morgan community

Horses of New England - 1862 article with excellent detail about the gene pool of horses in early New England

The Death of Black Hawk - real time description of the events surrounding the death of one the most influential horse in the Morgan Breed 

Defining the Morgan Gene Pool - A timeline of the Morgan Gene Pool as defined thru history, including significant Registry Rules and dates

Morgan Timeline - article by Jeff Morse from 2009  placing the Morgan Breed in perspective.

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