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Price: $45 ~ includes shipping and handling to continental USA


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For Custom orders:  Email details to Jeff Morse

  1. THE ESS Training Rein

    1. Who designed the ESS Training Rein

    2. What is The ESS Training Rein?

    3. Why does the ESS Training Rein work?

    4. What horses can benefit from use of The ESS Training Rein™?

Who designed The ESS Training Rein™?


      Jeff Morse, the owner, manager and trainer for Green Meads Farm in Richmond, MA, created the ESS Training Rein. Jeff has put his 35+ years experience managing a training stable and competing horses of all kinds to use designing and creating The ESS Training Rein. 

    The inherent problem with all auxiliary reins that are fixed length in nature is that too many horses experience panic when they find themselves confined and restricted by the finite limitations of a fixed length rein. The ESS Training Rein was born out of necessity to solve that problem. Jeff designed and created the ESS Training Rein using heavy duty, yet forgiving, elastic material that has the same sympathetic elastic quality as a rider or driver's yielding and offering hand on the reins. For this reason, adverse reactions are kept to an absolute minimum using a properly set up and adjusted ESS Training Rein.       


What is The ESS Training Rein™?


    The ESS Training Rein aids the trainer in guiding the horse to finding the most efficient position in which to carry himself while working under saddle or in harness. When adjusted and used correctly, it is a benign, self instructing, self correcting, gentle training aid that will help your horse discover for himself how to relax and raise his back, lower his head and neck, relax at the poll, seek the bit, release tension carried in the underside of his neck and stomach, engage the hind end, balance himself back to front and laterally…all without force!     

    The ESS Training Rein is constructed of high quality, durable materials that have been selected and tested to withstand the tough, rigorous environment of the horse training stable. The ESS Training Rein will deliver years of performance under heavy use. The hardware of the ESS Training Rein has been specially selected and constructed to allow your horse the widest range of motion while still effectively guiding your horse gently to the correct answer. The ESS Training Rein slides through every connection to the bit and surcingle or girth and each connection swivels with the rein.

Why does The ESS Training Rein™ work?

    The corrective action of the ESS Training Rein is developed by your horse as he works, not by the trainer's reins or lunge line. The more your horse positions and carries himself correctly, the less the ESS Training Rein assists your horse. When adjusted correctly, the ESS Training Rein will not be engaged when your horse is working efficiently while riding or driving. This forgiving, self rewarding, self actuating system allows your horse to teach himself!

    Your horse will not rely on the ESS Training Rein to maintain his performance. The rein has the ‘give and take’ quality similar to that of the rider's or driver's hand when properly offering the horse instruction through the reins. It gently reminds your horse that a better answer lies in the direction of the head, neck and body position that is encouraged by the ESS Training Rein. The more your horse responds in that direction, the less engaged the ESS Training Rein becomes, providing a reward for the correct answer.

    The ESS Training Rein carries a built in reward which will allows the trainer to make rapid progress educating your horse without having to continuously rely on a training aid to produce results. As your horse discovers how to perform more efficiently and in increasingly better balance, its work becomes easier for him bith physically and mentally. Your horse increasingly attempts to work in the efficient manner and frame that he has been allowed to discover that is right for his conformation, level of strength, suppleness and athletic ability. The reward to your horse for this response is less physical and mental stress and a more efficient use of his own energy….. All things your horse wants and appreciates…and most importantly: will wilingly seek to find in subsequent training sessions.

    The mechanical action of the ESS Training Rein is always consistent. It gently engages when your horse needs some correction and disengages when he answers correctly. Pressure on the bit always engages in exactly the same place and always increases with the same amount of graduating strength, depending only on how long the rein is set. This consistency makes it easy for your horse to understand what the rein is asking of him and what his best response to the aid should be. The action of the ESS Training Rein is totally independent of the trainer’s hands which are free to use the regular reins or a lunge line for instructions. The corrective action of the ESS Training Rein lies solely with the ESS Training Rein itself: your horse will not associate the action of the ESS Training Rein with the trainer, thus eliminating the potential for resentment to correction being directed at the trainer.     

    Similar reins have been made with non-stretch material. Some horses do not react well to the finite limit of unforgiving, non-stretch materials and may panic at the sense of restriction and claustrophobia, frightening and possible injuring themselves and their handlers. The negative experience discourages real learning and will teach your horse the wrong answer.

    Because of the forgiving nature of the ESS Training Rein, your horse will not and can not lean on it and learn to balance himself on the rein as often happens with fixed length training aids such as leather side reins and martingales. Your horse is not pulled and held together in a frame which can easily occur with draw reins, check reins, tie downs and martingales. He is not forced to achieve any position by the ESS Training Rein. He is instead gently and consistently asked by the self rewarding action of the ESS Training Rein to try a new and different approach to his work and in doing so he discovers his work is made easier both physically and mentally.

What horses can benefit from use of The ESS Training Rein™?

    The ESS Training Rein can safely be used on young, inexperienced horses as well as older horses in need of some re-schooling. The ESS Training Rein can be used while riding, driving, lunging, ground driving, stall bitting or long lining your horse. It is not intended to be used as permanent performance equipment. It is used only to encourage and guide your horse to find the working position in which he is most efficient based on his conformation, level of training and physical development.

    Once your horse discovers that by giving into action of the ESS Training Rein, his work becomes easier and more efficient, he will give up challenging the action of the ESS Training Rein and, at that point, it can be dispensed with altogether or used occasionally as a reminder.

    The ESS Training Rein should only be used on horses that are accustomed to having a bit in their mouth. It can, however, be effectively used on horses who have not yet learned to stop and steer with the bit. It can effectively teach them to give to bit contact.


Should any part fail under normal use, your ESS Training Rein™ will be replaced or repaired free of charge for 1 year after purchase.

Replacement parts and custom orders are available from ESS Training Rein.

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