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What it is and What it does

The ESS Training Rein aids the trainer in guiding the horse to finding the most efficient position in which to carry himself while working under saddle or in harness. When adjusted and used correctly, it is a benign, self instructing, self correcting, gentle training aid that will help your horse discover for himself how to relax and raise his back, lower his head and neck, relax at the poll, seek the bit, release tension carried in the underside of his neck and stomach, engage the hind end, balance himself back to front and laterally…all without force!     

    The ESS Training Rein is constructed of high quality, durable materials that have been selected and tested to withstand the tough, rigorous environment of the horse training stable. The ESS Training Rein will deliver years of performance under heavy use. The hardware of the ESS Training Rein has been specially selected and constructed to allow your horse the widest range of motion while still effectively guiding your horse gently to the correct answer. The ESS Training Rein slides through every connection to the bit and surcingle or girth and each connection swivels with the rein.

ESS Training Rein

  •             Jeff Morse, the owner, manager and trainer for Green Meads Farm in Richmond, MA, created the ESS Training Rein. Jeff has put his 35+ years experience managing a training stable and competing horses of all kinds to use designing and creating The ESS Training Rein. 

        The inherent problem with all auxiliary reins that are fixed length in nature is that too many horses experience panic when they find themselves confined and restricted by the finite limitations of a fixed length rein. The ESS Training Rein was born out of necessity to solve that problem. Jeff designed and created the ESS Training Rein using heavy duty, yet forgiving, elastic material that has the same sympathetic elastic quality as a rider or driver's yielding and offering hand on the reins. For this reason, adverse reactions are kept to an absolute minimum using a properly set up and adjusted ESS Training Rein.   

This video shows the ESS Training Rein in use. Note that the ESS Rein is not pulling the bit.The horse is quietly submitting easily to the rein without relying on it for balance. If he should raise his head/neck carriage, the elastic nature of the rein would engage with about the same pressure as a rider/driver's hand and guide him back to the desired head /neck carriage.

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